Beth Bernstein

Qmadix, Inc. Partners with Hitfar Concepts Ltd.

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Qmadix, Inc., a Los Angeles-based mobile accessory solutions company, announces a new distribution partnership with Canadian wireless solutions leader, Hitfar Concepts Ltd.

The exclusive distribution agreement was reached last week, and represents the organization’s plans to develop and improve their position in Canadian regions. The Qmadix and Hitfar collaboration will further a shared vision and a commitment to bringing innovative solutions to the industry.


Why I Chose Living Donation

On August 26, 2015, my old friend from high school, Aron, posted a note on Facebook announcing that after 30 years with a successful kidney transplant, the kidney failed and he was heading to the hospital to go back on dialysis. I saw the post several hours later when it became stuck at the top of my newsfeed. I knew that Aron had a kidney transplant from a deceased donor when he was 17, but it had lasted so long—a testament to how well he’d taken care of it—that it hadn’t occurred to me that he

Organic Soup Kitchen Announces Expansion Plans | Good for Santa Barbara

The Organic Soup Kitchen of Santa Barbara held its first Easter Feast at the Veterans Memorial Building on Sunday.

During the event, founder and Executive Director Anthony Carroccio announced that starting June 1, the organization will expand its community outreach program to provide daily meals to individuals and families in need at different locations throughout the city.

It has been a vision of the Organic Soup Kitchen to launch a mobile unit into the community to reach not only the homeles